Presenting Shylock – The First Meeting

The tasks on the sheet below must be completed by Thursday 1st December. 

Act 1, Scene 3 is the audience’s first meeting with the character of Shylock and therefore can be considered one of the most important. Shylock is presented as greedy, jealous and vengeful throughout the play, however there is a complex power dynamic at work throughout.

Ordinarily, Shylock’s Jewish faith places him at the foot of the hierarchy in Venice. However, at the opening of this scene it appears as though Shylock is enjoying an unusual moment of power over his Christian counterparts.

Shakespeare has crafted the audience’s first interaction with Shylock carefully, using both structural and linguistic features to reveal the nature of the iconic character as it progresses.

How does Shakespeare use structure and language to reveal the character of Shylock?

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Merchant of Venice Lesson 1 – Antonio’s Woe

Our exploration of Merchant of Venice begins as all things should: at the beginning.

This lesson asks you to familiarise yourself with the setting of the play, read the opening scene and to begin to analyse the protagonist, Antonio, and his relationship with Bassanio.

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‘Eden Rock’ and ‘Walking Away’ Comparison

Your introduction and first comparative point are due on Monday 13th June. The below is the class through-line we developed in Thursday’s lesson. Feel free to use this or to create you own.

Remember, we are writing to a ‘big idea’ throughout the entire essay.

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The Farmer’s Bride – Using Embedded Quotations

This lesson looks at how we can use embedded quotations to develop the fluency of our writing.

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Jekyll and Hyde Revision Quotations

In order to be able to access the GCSE Literature examination questions in full, you will need to memorize a range of quotations from the examination texts for your extended responses.

In order to get this process underway, here are some extended quotations for you to begin to memorize for Monday’s Period 5 exam.

You should not use the whole quotations, but memorize the key phrases.

Play as much Hyde and seek as possible…

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